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Hello Fall!

Let's get cozy

The days are getting shorter and the weather is cooler - that can mean only one thing. Autumn is here! The fall is a great time for hiking and trail running - and we want to be there to energize you. Check out our monthly feature for an autumnal treat! 


$7.90 per pound


$7.50 per pound



The Past

In 1992, in a tiny town at the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, Chunks of Energy made their first appearance. Michael, a 40-something father of three, was doing something he loved: making maple syrup. This is a long and labour-intensive process, particularly if the source of fuel you're using is wood... The sap won't stop flowing in the trees in the forest, so the fire in the evaporator needs to keep burning, and someone needs to be there to tend the fire. (Michael’s daughters were too young to help with this process, although they were happy to have pancakes or waffles for dinner during the 3-4 weeks of ‘sugaring season.’) To fuel him, Michael wanted healthy energy to power him during this process. So, Chunks of Energy were born, using his favorite ingredients– carob and spirulina.

The People

We are product-driven, customer-inspired, family-owned, and family-operated since 1992. Our focus has always been on simplicity and quality to keep the price down and the people happy. 

Right now, there are 4 people working in the company. Say hi anytime and ask us about Chunks of Energy. We truly love hearing from you!

The Power

For the last 28 years, we've cultivated strong relationships with providers, people who eat Chunks of Energy, and the planet that provides the ingredients we use. We're grateful for this! We package in bulk to reduce our environmental impact and provide economic pricing.

We're going to continue working hard to bring these little bites to the world, we hope you'll join us.


The Products

  • Organic Cacao Goji

  • Organic Carob & Greens

  • Organic Chocolate Paradise

  • Organic Chia Orange

  • Organic Coconut Fig

  • Organic Cran Apricot

  • Organic Date Flax

  • Organic Lemon Pop

  • Organic Peanut Chocolate

  • Carob Spirulina

  • Chocolate Almond

  • GORP

  • Honey Pistachio

  • Mixed Berry

$0.68 per serving! 
Each serving is 4 chunks!


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“They pack an

enormous amount of

nutrition and flavor”

"As a busy mom,

these are great for me.”

 “Wonderful energy snack. Wholesome, filling, delicious

and plant based.”

Satisfied Customer

 “..filled with quality organic raw vegan goodness and

perfect bite sizes”

 “they taste great, help manage hunger, and do not fall apart into loads of crumbs...unlike grain-based energy or protein snack bars”

Satisfied Customer

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“They’re chewy, the flavors are rich,

and they’re filling

for their size”


fast snack food."

"These taste great, and they're healthy!”

"..helped my energy levels in the third trimester [and] the fiber content has also helped immensely with digestion"

Satisfied Customer