Welcome current and future partners, working at natural food stores. You can learn about the product, order samples,  and order signs here. We are a small company and are dedicated to making our partnership successful! If the information below doesn’t answer your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Chunks of Energy?

Sought Out by People!

  • Suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences & restrictions, including organic (USDA certified), raw, vegan or dairy-free, no or low-salt, soy-free, contains no gluten.
  • Certified gluten-free Chunks of Energy will be available soon as a new brand: Rave  Bites TM. Available in 7 ounce packages, in early 2014.
  • We get dozens of store requests each week from people who want to buy Chunks of Energy near them. We’d like to send potential customers to you!
  • A uniquely affordable bulk product.

Thoughtfully Made

  • Preference given to domestic growers
  • Equipment is thoroughly cleaned and tested for one hour prior to manufacturing and everyone involved in production wears a hat and gloves at all times
  • We obtain a certificate of analysis for all purchased products

Widely Distributed

  • Available at all 13 United Natural Foods Inc. warehouses, in 50 states
  • Available from other distributors too, if you do not work with UNFI
  • Also available directly from us.
  • Popular in over 1000 natural food stores in the United States

Quick to Sell!

  • Sales guaranteed on your first order.
  • Free signs for your bulk bins. (Form below, or contact us another way, if you prefer.)
  • Best sellers are Cacao Goji, Chia Orange, Date Flax with Turmeric, and Lemon Pomegranate.

Order Now!

  • Via UNFI, Tree of Life, or through us.
  • Keep back stock refrigerated
  • Sell in refrigerator or at room temperature
  • Sold in bulk bins or repacked in bags
  • Recommended size to repack is 8 oz or less ($5 or less per bag).

Newsletter for Partners

Request Sample of a New Flavor

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Request Product for Event

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Getting Accurate Labels

You have four options:

1. You can order labels directly from Trade Labels. Simply follow the directions on their site. You will find our product by searching for the keyword ‘Chunks.’ If you have questions, let us know!

2. You can contact us and we will send you the labels for you to laminate.

3. You can contact us and we will email you the files for you to print.

4. The product information on our website is up to date, so you can use that to generate your own labels.

Chunks of Energy™ is a brand of Dancing Star LLC.
Rave Bites™ is a certified gluten-free sister brand of Chunks of Energy.

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