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  • Celiac Corner “…absolutely delicious and a completely satisfying snack of healthy and flavorful ingredients…”
  • The Unintentional Vegan: “…perfect mid-afternoon snack…”

Fan Letters

  • These are addictive! So glad that something I like so much is so good for me! I especially like the ones with what seems to be halves of M&M’s, and also the mixed berry. I’ve tried some other flavors and am enjoying the variety. When people ask me what I’m snacking on, I tell them it’s an all-natural “junk food.” I don’t mean to be calling this wonderful product “junk food,” but I mostly use it as a snack (and I mean this in the nicest way). Sometimes I get strange looks, but they know me to be particular about what I put into and upon my body.  Luisa
  • Dear Chunks of Energy, Congratulations you on your beautiful line of energy bars! I just wanted to let you know that I really admire your wonderful line of energy bars. They seem to be the best tasting and quality on the market in my eyes. I’m so impressed with your energy bars that I plan on letting my family and play date friends try them when they are over. I am sure they will be blown away with how terrific they taste. How can I spread the word about your wonderful energy bars? What is the best way I can give you good publicity? Are there any websites, blogs, or store comment cards you prefer?  I would really like to give credit where credit is due on an awesome product that tastes incredible & mouth watering! Kate
  • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to go get some! I am a flight attendant for Delta airlines and one of my co workers had these and I love them. Briana
  • I recently found your Chunks of Energy at the local Fred Meyer store in the bulk section and I am absolutely in love with the mixed berry and chocolate almond! Thank you for making such a pure and good product. 
  • My children, friends, clients, fitness trainers & I love the taste and the convenience of your bars.  And by the way, I always measure my PH level and even when I eat your energy green unlike others, my alkalinity remains substantially high which is so great because I tend to be acidic and nuts can cause this in me. So kudos to Chunks of Energy! Thank you. Emily G.
  • I love the Goji Cacao chunks and found that it kept my blood sugar balanced and was a great in between meal snack. I didn’t gain weight from it nor did it feed yeast, so no yeast overgrowth. Its sweetened with date paste instead of sugar so it seemed to have a different effect on my metabolism. As a Naturopath I highly recommend this product!! K. Bratton, ND (Santa Fe, NM)
  • I heard about your products through a conversation we had when you called my employer regarding some of your personal accounts.  I have to just tell you, the raw cacao goji are incredible!  I’m a vegetarian cyclist, and will definitely buy more of your product.  Thanks for all that you do!
  • They are amazing.  Oh my goodness.  Wow.  Thank you sooo much!!
  • …the purpose of this particular email…is to make sure my orders get delivered to the shipping address, not the billing address, as I am living at the shipping address for the next few months with starving college students and if the folks back home get these shipments I GUARANTEE they won’t forward them, but will consume all 10 lbs. and then deny the shipment ever arrived (gasp!). Not that I blame them of course, they wouldn’t be able to help themselves, especially the Mixed Berry, as I happen to know that’s one roommates favorite flavor, and since I was the culprit that introduced this fabulous food to the household in the first place, I truly wouldn’t be surprised to see the entire shipment disappear in a mass craze of healthy snacking. My personal favorite is the Carob Supergreens, and though one of the roomies is one of those “Proud To Be A Carnivore, Don’t Confuse Me With Vegetables” kinda person, the SuperGreens would definitely disappear SuperFast….so thanks for taking the time to read this and btw, I appreciate the wide variety of protein/flavor choices your company offers-next order will be in a month to pack along to a music festival in Tennessee, 10 lbs. probably won’t be enough!! Looking forward to receiving this! Can’t wait to turn on the Alabama Fam to COE! (Last year I got everyone started on crystallized ginger, this will easily top that). Barbara L. (Northern California)
  • Hi there – I just discovered your products at a local health food store here in Massachusetts and love them. 
  • Hey just wanted to let you know I got my packages today and boy do I appreciate it.  My surrogate family leaves Thursday and I opened the packages and tried them in their warm form and I loved them all.  I love the carob straight from the fridge, but I quite enjoyed the warm raw form. Again, Thanks. Kayte
  • I love the Cacao with Goji berries. I had to make a second trip our health food store as I indulged too quickly through the weekly stack. My new favorite dessert. Thank you to the creators. Absolutely amazing product!! Sharika (Charlottesville VA)

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Longer & More Detailed Ones

  • Go Dairy Free: “they do pack an enormous amount of nutrition and flavor”
  • Eco Babyz 1: “…As a busy mom, these are great for me.”
  • Eco Babyz 2: “Nothing artificial, just pure ingredients that will give you an energy boost and satisfy your sweet tooth.”
  • Modern Hippie Mag:  “I’ve tried my share of energy bars, and these are some of the tastiest I’ve had.””
  • Lunch (EcoMama user): “With Chunks of Energy you can cut out candy from your diet, because this tastes better and is better than candy!”
  • Snack Girl: “Anyway, I feel good recommending “Chunks of Energy” because not only are they delicious, they are made with heart.”
  • Vegan Vagrant: “quick, tasty bites of power foods that will keep your energy up over long periods of time without weighing you down at all.”

Shorter & Snappier Ones

  • Green People: Listing
  • Vegan Consultant: “It was like they put ALL my favorite foods into one bite-size snack.”
  • Coach Levi: “These taste great, they’re healthy, and there’s no foil wrapper to litter the roads and trails. Get some!”
  • The ELFF Diet: “Yummy, fast snack food.”
  • Flash in the Pan: “…like the energy bars you might buy, but…in bulk…could almost pass for dessert…the cost is about 50 cents an ounce rather than over a dollar as is true with the popular bars.”
  • Happy Hippy Mom: “…each delightful square packs a punch of energy,  as if you have drank a pot of coffee.  However, there is no crash like you get from drinking too much caffeine…”
  • Lisa’s Foods on the Move: “…a great flavor and texture”

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