Origin & Growth

In 1992, in the tiny town at the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, Chunks of Energy made their first appearance as a delicious solution. Michael (Chunks of Energy creator) wanted to do something he loved: make maple syrup. He needed energy. He wanted good energy to power him during this process of distilling this sweet local delicacy, and to connect him to the power of the planet. As sap flows in the trees in the forest, the fire in the evaporator needs to keep burning, and someone needs to be there. (Michael’s daughters were too young to help with this process, although they were happy to have pancakes or waffles for dinner during the 3-4 weeks of ‘sugaring season.’) Chunks of Energy were born, using his favorite ingredients– carob and spirulina.

Twenty years later, this solution that Michael created still powers people to do what they want to do. With passion, focus, and years of experience, he entered the business and pleasure of powerful food, sincere relationships, and novel ideas.

In two decades, we have added 13 flavors, and have brought them to the 48 continental states. Our growth has been about bringing more flavors to more people. Our original purpose hasn’t changed. Carob Spirulina–the original flavor–is still our most popular flavor. What makes this business flourish is that people have things they love to do, and they love using Chunks of Energy to do them. We thank you daily for your feedback and food choices that connect us!

Chunks of Energy™ is a brand of Dancing Star LLC.

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