Certified Gluten Free, Organic and Vegan Snacks


Michael and Sylvia

Rave Bites is a 2nd generation family business built on honesty, quality, and passion.

We created a family business starting in the early 90’s when three young Garfield-Wright daughters acted as the official taste testers for their father’s very first Chunks of Energy* recipes. Sharing the Chunks of Energy with their high-school teammates, on both the cross-country  and tennis team, the three daughters knew they had a hit when their teammates kept asking for more.

Michael, the founder and father of the three daughters, lives and breathes a healthy active lifestyle all starting with his daily turmeric and blueberry smoothie. If he’s not in the office you can find him in the backyard tending to his organic garden, kayaking, skiing, or finding ways to stay active outside.

He truly is the energy propelling Rave Bites forward. From the ingredients sourced from small farmers, to his mentoring of other entrepreneurs in the organic and local food industry, he measures success by his impact on the world and the relationships he creates.

Sylvia, the youngest daughter, grew up in the midst of this budding natural food business. As a home-schooled seven year old, days regularly consisted of tagging along behind her father with the invoices during store deliveries and visiting natural foods stores around the country. As she grew, the business grew and she received the most authentic form of a business education that anyone could have been lucky enough to receive.

“I had not realized until I was on my own how lucky I was with my accessibility and knowledge of a healthy diet from such a young age. Living a fast paced life while trying to maintain a healthy and affordable lifestyle was not an easy feat. I wanted to bring the product I had grown up with to the places I shop.” – Sylvia

In 2013, the jump from Chunks of Energy to Rave Bites was born. The industry was responding to the need for gluten-free products. Sylvia, who is gluten-intolerant, was at a crossroads in her life, and Michael was eager for a new venture.  So it is with the same passion and integrity that launched Chunks of Energy, that we bring you Rave Bites!